*Microsoft Edge is a completely new web browser created and embedded into Windows 10 by Microsoft, it is NOT Internet Explorer. The Deltek Time & Entry site only works in Internet Explorer at this time. Please follow the instructions below to enable/use Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

1. On the bottom left of your desktop, click the Windows icon and type internet explorer. (if IE does not show up, go to step 9 below)

2. If Internet Exporer is displayed as a match, right-click it and select Pin to taskbar. This will create an icon for IE on the bottom of your screen.

3. You may also select IE as your default browser by opening IE > top right, click settings > click Internet Options > click the Programs tab > under Default web browser, click Make default > Apply > OK.

4. Access the Deltek Time & Entry site from there https://time.aceinfosolutions.com/DeltekTC/welcome.msv

5. Go to your IE browser settings again > click Compatibility View Settings and this window will pop up:


6. aceinfosolutions.com will be in the top box, click Add and it will add it to the bottom box. If it already exists in the bottom box, then disregard this step.

7. Proceed to the Deltek Time & Entry site and log in.

IF Internet Explorer does not show up when attempting step 1 from above:

9. On the bottom left of your desktop, click the Windows icon and type Programs and Features and select it.

10. On the left panel, click Turn Windows features on or off.

11. In the new window, wait for the list to populate....then scroll down and select the checkbox for Internet Explorer > then click OK.

12. Internet Explorer will now begin to install, you may need to restart your computer once it is complete.

13. After a restart, go back up to step 1 and proceed.