The Deltek GCS server is new and reboots nightly.  It should no longer need reboots during the day.

If a user has a crash on a specific screen in GCS and, later, tries to reopen it and nothing happens, it usually means the .exe process for the screen that crashed is still running in the background. GCS is tricked into thinking it’s already open. You can exit out of GCS (it will likely ask if you want to close all screens), check Task Manager, and look for GSZZMACH.EXE and another G*.EXE file. If Print AP Checks was the screen, GPAPVCHK.EXE would be the one running in the background. Killing both processes and logging back in should allow the screen to reload.

Regarding printing at large, two things to check:

  1. If it’s a Win10 system, check the Printers/Devices area to make sure Windows isn’t managing the Default printer. If that setting is on, the Default will flip to whatever was last used. The GCS PDF Driver is a print object, so – with this setting engaged - Print Preview in GCS changes the default printer to the Driver. Printing directly to the GCS PDF Driver can blow the job up and crash a given screen.

  2. Check the Printers/Devices list for any dead objects that don’t need to be there. On certain machines, this has been the cause of slow printing.