*instructions on how to create a digital signature in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

1. On a blank sheet of printer paper, sign it and scan/save it to your desktop (it should be saved as a .pdf)

2. Open the file and zoom in on the signature. Use the Snip It tool to crop it and save it to your desktop (it will be saved as .PNG)

3. Right-click the .PNG file and select Convert to Adobe PDF

    a. Once it converts to .pdf, it will open in Adobe Acrobat. Save it on your desktop (you will use this file for your digital signature)

4. In Adobe Acrobat Pro XI > Edit > Preferences > Signatures > under Creation & Appearances click More...

    a. Leave all the default selections/settings and fill the checkbox for View documents in Preview Mode

    b. Under Appearances click New...

    c. Enter a title of your choice in the field next to Title:

    d. Under Configure Text deselect all checkboxes

    e. Under Configure Graphic select Imported graphic and click File... to browse for the signature .pdf file you copped and saves on your desktop > OK

5. You should be back to the Preferences window:

    a. Under Identities & Trusted Certificates click More...

    b. Click Digital Ids on the left hand panel > click +Add ID

    c. Select A new digital ID i want to create now > Next

    d. Select New PKCS#12 digital ID file > Next

    e. Enter in your information in all fields

        i. In the Use digital ID for: drop-down menu, select Digital Signatures > Next

    f. Create a Password > Finish

6. You will be able to apply your digital signature on documents by:

    a. On the top right of the .pdf document that you need to sign, click Sign

    b. Work with Certificates > Sign with Certificates > a new window will pop-up, select Drag New Signature Rectangle...

        i. Click and hold then drag a rectangle in the desired location for your signature

        ii. Click Sign Document at the top right corner of the window

        iii. Select the certificate you created in the drop-down menu for Sign As:

        iv. Enter your Password

        v. In the drop-down menu next to Appearance, select the title you gave for the digital signature you created/uploaded

        vi. Click Sign

        vii. Save this document as a signed version of the original document

    c. Finished