Webex User Guide

Step 1: Verify Availability

  • Go to https://aceinfosolutions.webex.com
  • Click on "Host Log In" in the top right corner.
  • Log in using either the "Proposals" or "Projects" account.  In either case, password is:  Aceinfo123 

Note: If you have never used WebEx before, you will be prompted to set up WebEx Productivity Tools on your desktop.  You may accept or not, depending on if you would like to launch meetings from your system tray.

  • On the default "Browse Meetings" page, select "Weekly".
  • Search for your desired meeting date & time and verify that it is available. 


Note: If the date/time you want is NOT available, log out, and log back in with the "Projects" account.  Repeat the search using the Weekly view from the default page.  If you cannot reschedule your meeting date/time to an alternate day or hour contact SRawat@aceinfosolutions.com to coordinating meeting times or helpdesk@aceinfosolutions.com to request an additional account.

Step 2: Schedule your meeting and invite attendees

  • In the left-navigation bar click on "Schedule a Meeting" (found under "Host a Meeting").

  • Create a "Meeting topic"  (Creating a password for your meeting is NOT required.)
  • Click on "Select Tracking Code" and create a Project/Dept" and a "Mtg Description" that describes your meeting.
  • Select a date & time & duration.
  • Enter YOUR email address and the email addresses of those you intend to send and invite to, example:
  • UNCHECK THE BUTTON "Send a copy of the invitation email to me".
  • Click the "Schedule Meeting" button.