You must have a fax profile in order to use this feature, please reach out to your IT department before attempting to use it.

1. Save the document that needs to be faxed onto your desktop as a .PDF file

2. Open SmartBox UCC and log in with your account

3. Hamburger icon > Dashboard > at the bottom of the screen, select Fax

4. Select the “Send a Fax” tab

a. Enter the destination fax number

b. (optional) select the checkbox for “Include Cover Page” and enter any necessary information

c. Select Choose File to browse for the .PDF that you saved on your desktop and upload it

5. Send Fax


- All incoming faxes can be viewed in the Received Fax Messages tab and will also be sent to your AceInfo email.

- The status of any sent faxes can be viewed in the Sent Fax Messages tab.