While your phone rings, you can forward the call to another person.

To forward an incoming call to another person:

1. While your phone rings, press Forward.

2. From the Call Forwarding screen, enter the forwarding number, and press Forward.

Forwarding All Calls to Another Person

You can set up your phone to forward all calls to another number, even if the Do Not Disturb feature is enabled.

Call forwarding is not available on shared lines.

To forward all calls to another person:

1. From Home view, select Forward. (You can also select Settings from Home view, and select Features >

Forward, or if your phone is idle, press Forward from Lines view.)

2. If your phone is set up with multiple lines, select the line to apply forwarding to.

3. From the Forwarding Type Select screen, select the forwarding type you want:

Always—To forward all incoming calls.

No Answer—To forward all unanswered incoming calls.

Busy—To forward calls that arrive when you’re already in a call.

4. Enter the forwarding number, and select Enable.

If you selected the No Answer option, you can enter the number of rings before your phone forwards the call. A

value of 2 is recommended.

The forwarding number you chose displays in the status bar, as shown next. In this example, the line is forwarded

to 2340.

If a phone line is idle, Lines view displays the forwarding icon , next to the phone line, as shown next.

8/18/2015 Call Forwarding on the Polycom VVX 300/310 : FluentStream Technologies



To disable call forwarding:

1. From Home view, select Forward.

2. If your phone is set up with multiple lines, select the line to disable forwarding for.

3. From the Forwarding Type Select screen, select the forwarding type to disable, and select Disable.​