​If you are offsite, or have recently been offsite and updated your AceInfo network password, your laptop may still contain cached credentials.

1. If Outlook is prompting you for a user name and password, you must clear the default and enter the domain as "ACE1\username".

2. Before hitting Enter, Check the box for "Save/Remember".

3. If you continue to be prompted, you will need to come in or VPN in to the office. 

4.  When you are back on the network, login, then "lock" the screen (Cntl + L).  You may then Cntl + Alt + Del and log in regular.

5.  You should then be able to open Outlook succesfully.  If prompted one last time, repeat steps 1 & 2.

6.  If you continue to be prompted or get connection errors, you can submit a ticket to helpdesk@aceinfosolutions.com.