​1.  Use Outlook Web Access: https://acemail.aceinfosolutions.com


2.  Configure Outlook remotely:

Configure the computer for RPC over HTTP

  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  • If you are viewing Control Panel in the default Category view, switch to Classic view, and then double-click Mail.
  • If you are viewing Control Panel in Classic view, double-click Mail.
  • In the Mail Setup dialog box, click E-mail accounts, click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
  • In the E-mail accounts dialog box, click Microsoft Exchange Server, and then click Change.
  • In the Microsoft Exchange Server box, type the local name of the Exchange server:  VM-ACEMAIL-01.Ace1.local
  • In the User Name box, type the user name that you use to log on to the Remote Web Workplace. Do not click Check Name.
  • In the Exchange Server settings page, click More Settings.
  • On the Connection tab, under Exchange over the Internet, select Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP, and then click Exchange Proxy Settings. The Exchange Proxy Settings dialog box appears.
  • Under Use this URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange, type the following URL: acemail.aceinfosolutions.com
  • Select Connect using SSL only, and then select Mutually authenticate the session when connecting with SSL.

  • In the Principal name for proxy server box, type the following text:  msstd:acemail.aceinfosolutions.com

  • Select On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP.

    1. Under Proxy authentication settings, select Basic Authentication.
    2. Click OK, and then click OK again. Click Next, and then click Finish. Click Close.
    3. In the Mail dialog box, if Always use this profile is selected, choose the newly configured profile.

    Open Outlook and type your Windows Small Business Server user name (in the format ACE1\user name) and password (click the 'remember this' checkbox. You can now work with your Outlook mailbox.