1.       Open Internet Explorer and log in at https://acemail.aceinfosolutions.com/

2.       Select the cog icon (settings) at the top right of the web page next to your name:

  1. Click Options


3.       On the left side of the screen, click Organize Email

  1. Click the + sign
  2. Select "Create a new rule for arriving messages…"

  3. Leave the field blank for "Name:"
  4. Under "*When the message arrives, and:"
    1. Select "[Apply to all messages]"

  5. Under "Do the following:"
    1. Select "Redirect the message to…"

  6. A new window will pop up and load. If it does not load and the screen is blank, close that window. Now you will be back in the window where you just made selections. Look next to where you made the selection for "Do the following:" click *Select people…
    1. Once the new window pops up again and the page loads, click in the blank space in the top left next to where it says "To"
    2. Enter the email address you wish to have messages forwarded to
    3. Click OK

    4. Save
    5. In the Warning window, click Yes

4.       You are now finished, send a test email to your AceInfo email address and look for it in the inbox of the forwarding email address.